Muhammad Man and Messenger - Afzalur Rahman - İNKILAB YAYINLARI

  • Yazar: Afzalur Rahman


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Muhammad Man and Messenger - İNKILAB YAYINLARI

Yazar: Afzalur Rahman

The "Seerah" of the prophet Muhammad is today, as it always has been, the best single method of effectively projecting the Message of Islam. It is, therefore, our top priority to introduce mankind to the teaching, morals and life-style of Muhammad.
His personality illuminates every aspect of human life and in every field of human activity his conduct is perfect and a beacon light for others. He passed through various stages in his life and experienced many situations, as do ordinary beings, with human feelings and aspirations, pains and hardships, but his moral conclusions were always unblemished and his wisdom and judgement perfect and free from human errors and weaknesses.
His life therefore is a perfect model and example for men and women of all ages, working in any profession or trade, to follow in order to obtain happiness and peace in their individual as well as social life.

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